When I moved into the area, finding a Salinas chiropractor was one of the first things I did after getting settled in. I’m an old guy, but I’m very active. I’ve spent my whole life playing various sports, and I’ve got the scars to show it. Because I’m older I’ve avoided any sort of serious contact sport. My current obsession is tennis, which is a far more difficult sport than most people will acknowledge. You’ve got to be fast, strong, accurate, and have a great swing. It’s also a sport that makes you ache like you can’t imagine.

I found the chiropractor because I want to make sure I keep getting out on the court and playing. It’s great exercise and I’m not the type of person to sit around waiting to die in retirement. But in order to do that, I’ve got to make sure my injuries are under control and make sure my muscles are working the way God intended. Icy Hot only takes you so far and I avoid painkillers like the plague. Taking painkillers only hides the real cause and doesn’t do anything to heal your problem. I like to find the cause and get it fixed so I can keep playing.

The chiropractor I found is very, very good with sports related injuries. I’ve had ones in the past that weren’t as good, probably because they didn’t understand athletics and how injuries can occur due to playing sports. I’ve already been in with a sprain and what I thought might be the beginnings of tennis elbow and I’ve walked out feeling great and ready for another match. I wish more people my age would hook up with a good chiropractor and find a sport in which they can stay active, meet people, and have fun. Being old is only a state of mind, after all.

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