Of course that does not mean that I can go up and down the stairs, they just do not work too well with the crutches. I should be able to discard them in a week or so, but even then I would be using a cane and that is going to make it hard. They set up a place for me to work on the ground floor, in a place where the receptionist keeps a bunch of files and office machines. The San Jose chiropractor really helped me out and I am hoping that I am going to be able to get rid of the pain pills in some time. I have a pill splitter and so I started to cut them in half and I only take half so many as the prescription says to take. I figure that a little bit of pain is a whole lot better than ending up with a monkey on your back or any of the other analogies they use for addiction.

It was actually not entirely a bad thing, although you have to be a really deranged person to think you were lucky while you were laying in a hospital bed for a couple of weeks. However I had just learned that my car needed a new transmission and it would have cost me a lot of money. In fact the car was seven years old and had a lot of miles on it, so the cost of a transmission would have been a good percentage of it’s value. The insurance company did not know that and I would have been foolish to tell them. So they paid me a good deal more than the car was actually worth and I saved the cost of repairing it. If the wreck had been a week later I would have been much madder at the idiot who hit me.

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