While I was inside my home washing dishes, I suddenly heard a scream. Then, one of my neighbor’s children rushed to tell me my child had fallen out of a tree outside. In the end, she had no broken bones, but she had back trouble for weeks afterward. I took her to a Santa Maria chiropractor who gave her the best treatment, and that cleared up all the pain. My little girl means the world means everything to me and her father, and I did not want her having to deal with back pain for the rest of her life. The chiropractor fixed her right up. I want her to live a life of freedom.

My daughter is special to me because she’s my daughter, of course. However, she’s also special to me for a couple of other reasons that I will share. First, she was born when I was 48 years old. Separately, I had just gotten over cancer treatment and having a child was the last thing on my mind. In fact, due to both my older age and the fact that I had been through chemotherapy, left me stunned because I was not away that could have a child anymore. I did not have any other children, and I thought that ship had sailed. I worried all throughout the pregnancy that she would be born with some sort of medical issues, but she was perfect after she was born.

The day that the neighbor’s child came running in after I heard a scream outside, I worried that my daughter had been gravely hurt. Since she’s the only kid that I have, I worry about her quite often. I make sure to get her good health care at all times. She complained of back pain after that day many times. She’s too young to have to deal with that on a daily basis. So, I called a chiropractor’s office to find out if they see children, and they quickly made an appointment for her.

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