I enjoy running with our dogs in the woods behind our home. We had the entire property fenced with a chain link fence, so the dogs could not wander off. However, the fence was no obstacle for deer. They would just jump over it to come in and browse on the nice trees we had. I didn’t mind that. It was just trying to get the dogs to not chase them that was the problem. One morning we were running on our property, and the next thing I’m doing is visiting my chiropractor in Santa Barbara. It was foggy that morning, and the mist was thick in that low spot. I have run through there hundreds of times when it was not foggy. I managed to trip over something that morning and wrenched my back.

The dogs saw a deer and went to investigate. It was a doe, so I was not worried about them being gored by antlers. They ran ahead making the fog swirl around them. I ran after them to make sure they were okay and not catching the deer. They never do, but I was concerned. The deer had made it back over the fence and the dogs were making their way back to me. They found me lying on the ground on my back. I was in a lot of pain. I did not twist my ankle or break anything. I did not hit my head either. I just wrenched my back.

It took a week of adjustments along with massage, electrical stimulation and heat therapy from the chiropractor for my back to feel better. I am back out running again with the dogs, but I will not run through areas where I cannot see what is at my feet. I do not want to trip again.

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